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The museum complex

With more than 200.000 cubic metres and a thousand-year history of hospitality and healthcare, the Santa Maria Maria della Scala has a strategic position in the fascinating urban built-up area. Built in front of the Cathedral, it occupies the hill of the Dome, which conserves the most ancient traces of human presence.
Here a new extraordinary cultural and civic adventure takes place: the restoration of the 'Spedale grande' and its trasformation in one of the biggest european cultural centres.
Today, while the restoration is still a work in progress, it's possible to visit more than an half of the entire area. Besides to the impressive monumental settings where the visitor can admire the precious and extended historical and artistic holdings (Pellegrinaio/Pilgrims' Hall, the Cappella del Manto, the Old Sacristy, the Cappella della Madonna, the Church of the Santissima Annunziata, the Oratories of the Compagnia di Santa Caterina della Notte and of Santa Maria sotto le volte), it's possibile to visit: the Archaeological Museum, set up in the magnificent underground, the Art Museum for Children, the Center of Contemporary Art/sms contemporanea; the Giuliano Briganti Library and Photo Library of Art, numerous spaces intended to house temporary displays and international conventions.